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Our bot offers you the maximum freedom to create your surveys within the limits of your imagination. Create anonymous or public surveys!

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Find all the details of your surveys on an interactive dashboard. Generate graphs and find the list of voters. You will soon be able to manage your surveys from this dashboard.

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Retrieve your poll results whenever you want. The bot sorts the winners and calculates the number of participants. As simple as that? Once Prince Charming is elected, delete the poll with a single click.

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Asked Questions

The best way to get answers to your questions is to join the official support server of our bot.

If you get this error when using a command it is probably because the bot can't send the poll in the chosen channel. This error can also appear if the bot is offline.

In most cases if you see this message it is not an error, it may indicate that you do not have permission to perform an action. In case you think it's an error contact the official support.

By default to use the bot commands you must be ADMINISTRATOR, but this permission can be modified in server settings Server Settings → Integration → Strawpoll (More informations:

You can login to the dashboard with your discord account. You can then the results the poll id.